Bio now keep making efforts on protection of your privacy, please read the following statements before your register.

In order to give you more accurate, more targeted services, we may be as follows,
Use of personal information you submit. However, we will treat this information with a high degree of diligence obligations, in the absence
Ask for your permission, will not this information publicly or to third parties.

   Retain the information you provide
   We will collect your personal information you voluntarily choose services or information provided,
   And information integration, in order to provide you with better customer service. Please you
   Submit a message to provide personal information, but all the original type information only as we
   Provide you with service information.
   In the following circumstances, we will disclose your personal information in accordance with your will or the laws
   Arising from the issue will be your personal commitment:
   (1) to obtain prior authorization;
   (2) only disclose your personal information to provide products and services you have requested;
   (3) requirements under the relevant laws and regulations;
   (4) in accordance with the requirements of the relevant government authorities;
   (5) to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests.
   (6), you agree to share the information.
   (7), we find that you are in breach of our Terms of Service or any other products and services provisions.
   (8), we need to provide information to companies on our behalf to provide products or services (unless we otherwise
   Notify you otherwise have no right to use your personally identifiable information).

   Questions and suggestions:
   If you have any questions and suggestions, please let us know.
   We are committed to provide you with a better quality of experience and services under the premise of full protection of your privacy.

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