Epizyme PAGE Fast Gel Preparation Kit

■ Fast Gel Preparation—— Finish multiple Gels manually in just 2 min, for both denaturing and non denaturing protein electrophoresis.

Easy to operate——Pre-mix solution, no more calculations on solution volume, dilution, just mix.

■ Color stacking gel——Provides red, yellow and green stacking gel, easy for loading and labelling different samples, or different types of gels.

■ Life time storage——Color fixed without any shift, spread and decolorization for life time.

■ None smell reagent——No more TEMED for gelation.

High catalytic efficiency——Unique enhanced AP solution, stable and high catalytic efficiency.

A:Gel in glass plate(partial displayed)

B:After electrophoresis, color doesn`t move in the field.

C:Color doesn`t move and spread during staining and destained.

Order PN

PG111: for 125 pcs 7.5% mini Gel(0.75 mm)

PG112: for 125 pcs 10%  mini Gel(0.75 mm)

PG113: for 125 pcs 12.5% mini Gel(0.75 mm)

PG114: for  125 pcs 15% mini Gel(0.75 mm)

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