Intavis attended 2016 Analytica Germany in Munich with latest TwinPep peptide synthesizer

In May 10-13th 2016 in Munich, Germany, the international laboratory, analysis, diagnosis and biotechnology professional Expo & Conference, Analytica 2016 was opened in Munich International Exhibition Center, Germany INTAVIS AG brought the latest products - TwinPep peptide synthesizer and attended this wonderful exhibition.

INTAVIS AG, a commitment to high-tech company for development oncomplex biochemistry and molecular biology experimental and laboratory automation instrument. INTAVIS provides parallel peptide synthesizers such as MultiPep RSi, MultiPep CF, ResPep SL, TwinPep and InsituPro VSI in situ hybridization instruments.

Customers visit booth and for latest Intavis products

Intavis latest TwinPep peptide synthesizer

TwinPep is dual column peptide synthesizer which has below advantages:

1. Help to synthesis long and difficult sequences.

2. Heat and UV real time monitoring function could automatically optimize the deprotection and coupling time during the process by software.

3. High efficiency shaking and inert gas bubbling functions help to mix the resin, solvents and blockings better.

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