In 2017 tumor biological beno +

With the development of biological technology, tumor immune therapy has become after the cancer surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy after the most promising cure means of cancer, one of the highlights. However, there are still some deficiencies in the use of immunotherapy alone. Therefore, the combination of different tumor immunotherapy will be the future trend of cancer therapy.

To this end, in the environment, the convening of the seminar on tumor immunotherapy and joint therapy has extraordinary significance. The conference will invite well-known experts and scholars, multinational pharmaceutical companies CEO, clinicians around the tumor combined therapeutic strategy, clinical case analysis, so as to promote a new level of domestic tumor treatment.

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As the general agent of Suzhou Bio-now Biotechnology Co. Ltd. with Sengenics company, the introduction of the new Chinese Immunome protein chip.

The Immunome protein chip was invented by Professor Jonathan Blackburn at University of Cambridge. It is the 100% full-length protein chip with correct folding, and the function of all proteins has been verified.

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